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dental composite
Dental composite disadvantages

Dental composite setting: It takes much time to set as you have to adapt each layer and cure it Dental composite shrinkage: It acts as one of the most common ..Continue Reading

Category | Conservative Dentistry, Dental composite, Dental Composite Articles

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We precurve files and also..gutta percha .

Category | Endodontic Professionals

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removal of fiber post
removal of fiber post

Clinical note During removal of fiber post use (sharp endo explorer) to demarcate post with white scratch and distinguish from tooth structure.. We need magnification and good illumination during this ..Continue Reading

Category | fixed prosthodontics

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Direct Composite veneer

Category | Dental composite

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Keep foramen OPEN (patent) simply by letting K file #10 goes 1 mm out of apex frequently.

Category | Endodontic Professionals

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