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Definition: otosclerosis is a localized hereditary disorder affecting endochondrial bone of the otic capsule characterized by disordered bone resorption and deposition ,leading to replacement of normal compact lamellar bone by ..Continue Reading

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Common features of all posterior teeth ( anatomy _ occlusion _ grooves _ ridges_ fossa )

Common feature of all posterior teeth

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Oro_antral fistula

-Definition: Oro_antral fistula is an epithelized unnatural communication between maxillary sinus antrum and oral cavity. -About disease: *Aetiology: mainly surgical as in dental extraction of second premolar or first molar ..Continue Reading

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Gummy smile

A gummy smile is a highly subjective diagnosis that shows tremendous variability over dental and non-dental populations. When patients identify gingival display as an area of concern, a restorative dentist ..Continue Reading

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Firstly what is Calazion? It is a chronic non specific inflammatory granuloma of meibomian gland. Aetiology Infection of gland by low virulent organism or obstruction of lacrimal duct and retained ..Continue Reading

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