✨Valplast®✨ flexible partial

✨Valplast®✨ flexible partial
A modern resin denture made from thermoplastic nylon (an elastic translucent material which is stronger and more flexible than acrylic) used as a very thin, stain and odor resistant, unbreakable denture (guaranteed never to break under normal wear and tear for the lifetime of the appliance) which allows full natural gum blend – the color is personalized (makes wearing it virtually invisible) especially because it lacks the metal clasps unlike the classic acrylic denture which is opaque, bulky, uncomfortable and gives an artificial appearance to the gums.
Valplast is also a great, non-invasive, alternative to a fixed prosthetics (dental bridges). It can be considered as a discreet temporary solution during the healing process after the dental implant has been placed, and it is commonly used by patients that are allergic to acrylic. It is relatively one of the cheapest fast non-invasive solutions of an edentation.
Valplast : $700-$1,500
Partial denture : $127.500 – $295.000
Nesbit Flexi (Valplast bridge) : $196
Dental bridge : $500-$1,200 per tooth
Although it may seem as an ideal alternative for classic acrylic dentures, it has a few more disadvantages than expected. 😕
1. The nylon can initiate small tearings.
2. If broken or if a tooth falls out it can not be fixed and it should be totally replaced.
3. It doesn’t offer ideal retention.
(It doesn’t cover the optimal portion of the retromolar pads and tuberosities, and do not extend to the functional peripheral borders, which is necessary for optimal retention and stability especially if the edentation is unilateral.)
4. In some situations, they have underextensions which trap food particles in and around the borders.
5. Bone and gum resorption (only prevented by an implant)
6. Not indicated for full dentures as they require some degree of rigidity in order to stay in place. (unless the patient is allergic to acrylate)
We should always inform our patients about all the possible restorations they could benefit from, list the advantages and disadvantages, tell them our opinion on what we advise, but always let them pick what they prefer!👌🏻

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