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Referred Severely curved long canals 

Lower right first molar Lateral canal  The first photo with distal shift shows everything 😉😉😉 Coronal seal soon Thanks Dr Ahmed Hany 😍😍😍 Greetings from Egypt 🇪🇬  

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class 2 band

جميل هذا الباند في الكلاس 2 ممكن نستخدمه مع الرتينر او نقصه ونستخدمه مثل السكشنل كما في هذه الحالة   open contact  اقل قساوة من المعدن قد يقلل من حدوثcelluloidحيث ..Continue Reading

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cast Metal Crown

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Dr. Moh'd Hammo Tips And Tricks 
I have a simple rule in my clinic…Any foramen larger than .8 mm should be filled with MTA …

Dr. Moh’d Hammo Tips And Tricks

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replacement of amalgam restoration with cosmetic light cured composite
Replacement of amalgam restoration with cosmetic light cured composite.

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