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I believe Manual K file no. 10 is the leader of root canal preparation…Ni-Ti rotary files are just followers..

Dr. Hammo Tips and Tricks

Category | Endodontic Professionals

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Photos of x-rays with explanation

Category | Dental Radiology

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Burning mouth syndrome

is a medical term for chronic or recurrent burning in the mouth without obvious cause. This discomfort may effect tongue gums lips or whole oral cavity burning sensation can be ..Continue Reading

Category | Oral Medicine

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class 4 (build up _ composite _ dentistry )

بسم الله My first layering case of class 4….. I don’t like it but to learn from others. 20 y.o male Broken upper left central for 10 years….. Is duration ..Continue Reading

Category | Conservative Dentistry, Dental composite

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Direct restoration of anterior teeth

Direct Dental composite restoration for anterior teeth with finishing and polishing

Category | Dental Composite Videos

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