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UR4 and 5
UR4 & 5

Category | Conservative Dentistry

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Multi cavities class I

Direct restorations with Nano ceramic composite ZENIT A2 dentin shade & W2 enamel white shade and zenit color dark brown staining shots immediate after finishing

Category | Conservative Dentistry, Dental composite

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Although x-Rays pattern showed root fracture…But I believe X- rays alone were not enough ….clinical examination makes the whole difference..I am happy I was right

Moh’d Hammo  Endodontic Tips and Tricks

Category | Endodontic Professionals

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peri-apical abcess
Periapical Abscess

Localized Collection of Pus in the Alveolar Bone at the Root Apex of the Tooth , following the Death of Pulp with Extension of the Infection through the Apical Foramen ..Continue Reading

Category | Oral Medicine, Oral Surgery Topics

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🔗 Classification of Jaw’s Cysts

▶ Epithelial ▶ Non-Epithelial 🔗 Epithelial can be :- ➡ Either Odontogenic Or Non-Odontogenic 🔴 So , Classification of Jaw’s Epithelial Odontogenic Cysts :- ✅ According to the Aetiology :- ⛔ Developmental :- Unknown Origin But aren’t ..Continue Reading

Category | Oral Medicine, Oral Surgery

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