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I felt so sorry to cut an expensive bridge ( just one month old)…i believe there is no excuse to do a bad endodontic treatment..if you can’d do it…just refer

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dental composite
Dental composite disadvantages

Dental composite setting: It takes much time to set as you have to adapt each layer and cure it Dental composite shrinkage: It acts as one of the most common ..Continue Reading

Category | Conservative Dentistry, Dental composite, Dental Composite Articles

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Direct Composite Free Hand Restoration 

  Compromise case in 65 years old patient with Financial problems; For the moment she can’t afford th ideal treatment ( Increse VDO and ceramic cowns) , so we decided ..Continue Reading

Category | Conservative Dentistry, Dental composite

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Burning mouth syndrome

is a medical term for chronic or recurrent burning in the mouth without obvious cause. This discomfort may effect tongue gums lips or whole oral cavity burning sensation can be ..Continue Reading

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Odontogenic Kerato-Cyst

– May best be regarded as a Benign Neoplasm rather than a Conventional Cyst based on its Clinical Behavior. – The WHO has reclassified the Lesion as a Tumor based ..Continue Reading

Category | Oral Medicine, Oral Surgery Topics

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