A Review of the Drinkwell Pet Fountain For Cats

One thing that’s really an important concept you need to understand if you own a cat or kitten is that you always need to keep them hydrated. By this I mean you always need to make sure that there is plenty of water around for them to drink. People have been studying Animal Behavior for years now. One thing they all seem to agree on is that cats prefer to drink water out of a tap or some sort of flowing system verses a static bowl.

So one of the product we took a serious look at was the Drinkwell Pet Fountain. Your cats health could be in jeapordy if they plenty of water available on demand. And the Drinkwell Pet Fountain provides a steady stream of 5 inches of falling water. Your Pet doesn’t like the idea of sipping stagnant water. By sipping from a fountain like steady stream of water that the Drinkwell Pet Fountain provides, your cat will be happier and so will you since these fountains are easy to maintain.

This fountain has the capacity to hold over fifty ounces of water at once. You even have the option to purchase an extra water reservoir for it. This reservoir happens to be sold separately but if you do purchase it, you’ll have the capacity to hold over one gallon of water at a time. Once your cat has the ability to access their water in this easy fashion, they are prone to stay away from the kitchen and bathroom faucets as well as steer clear of your restrooms and sinks. This particular product is officially endorsed by Veterinarians and has received other accolades.

A common reason your cat could end up getting a urinary tract infection or ormekur kat håndkøb kidney disorder is because they don’t have enough clean water in their system. It only takes a couple minutes to follow the manufacturers simple instructions and setup the Drinkwell Pet Fountain. It isn’t rocket science, just a few pieces like the Carbon Filters and AC Adapter that you need to concern yourself with.

If you are the owner of a single pet household, this product could be the perfect solution for you. Also we wanted to mention that this product comes with a large charcoal filter that gets rid of nasty tasting water and odors. This will give your cat the best opportunity to continue to stay hydrated. With all the issues these days regarding saving water, it doesn’t make sense to leave your hose tap running anymore for your cat. And cats do tend to hate water sitting in a bowl.

One reviewer of this product mentioned that they had a cat that was aging and that had to be reminded to drink as often as possible. They also mentioned that the motor was very quiet and that you could barely hear it. However they also mentioned that every few days they had to refill the internal reservoirs. They also mentioned that there were a couple areas within the reservoir that made it difficult for them to clean it. These of course were built into the product when it was manufactured.

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