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    Do you use physics forceps for extraction ?

    Physics and dentistry have intimate relationship, since dental instruments are based on physical principles. Forceps are sort of these instruments that based on leverage action, but in this article, we ..Continue Reading

    Category | Oral Surgery Topics

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    Still confused about inferior alveolar nerve block?

    Still confused about inferior alveolar nerve block? There is all what you need to know about it. Aim: To deposit solution around the inferior alveolar nerve as it enters the ..Continue Reading

    Category | Oral Surgery Topics

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    Do you perform perfect infiltration anasthesia, lets Get Great Value.

    In this Post you will know more about  infiltration Technique: indications Of Infiltration anasthesia. Aim of infiltration Technique. Advantages of infiltration Technique. Disadvantages of infiltration Technique. Steps CAUTION: Tips & Tricks: ..Continue Reading

    Category | Oral Surgery, Oral Surgery Topics

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