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Definition:- Epistaxis is defined as bleeding from the nose. Aetiology:- Commonest cause for epistaxis is idiopathic ( 90% ). Traumatic following nose or skull base fracture or iatrogenic. Inflammatory as ..Continue Reading

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Foreign body in the oesophagus

Types of f.B :- In children: coins and buttons. In adults: fish and meet bone. In eldery: dentures and lump of meat. In mentally retarded and prisoners: razors ,pins and ..Continue Reading

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Peritonsillar abscess ( quinsy)

– definition: Peritonsillar abscess is collection of pus between fibrous capsule of the tonsil and superior constrictor muscle. – aetiology: Peritonsillar abscess usually develops as a complication of acute tonsillitis ..Continue Reading

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Congenital laryngeal web

-Definition: Congenital web is incomplete canalization of the laryngeal lumen. -About disease: -Commonest site for laryngeal web is the glottic area ,and may extend to the subglottis. -Symptoms: Depend on ..Continue Reading

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