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Dental replantation

Tooth replantation is the reinsertion and splinting of a tooth that has been torn out of its socket. Teeth are replanted to prevent permanent loss of the tooth, and to ..Continue Reading

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Peritonsillar abscess ( quinsy)

– definition: Peritonsillar abscess is collection of pus between fibrous capsule of the tonsil and superior constrictor muscle. – aetiology: Peritonsillar abscess usually develops as a complication of acute tonsillitis ..Continue Reading

Category | ENT, Oral Surgery

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السلام عليكم… طريقة عملية مجربة ووضعت لها تفسير منطقي.. اثناء القلع عند التحريك buccaly وبعد الحصول على حركة قليلة.. نستمر بنفس الاتجاه ونؤجل عمل figure 8 لحين ازدياد الحركة بشكل ..Continue Reading

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oral surgical instruments

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