-Definition: Congenital web is incomplete canalization of" />
Congenital laryngeal web


Congenital web is incomplete canalization of the laryngeal lumen.

-About disease:

-Commonest site for laryngeal web is the glottic area ,and may extend to the subglottis.


Depend on the size of the web.

  1. If small:- asymptomatic, hoarse cry,mild stridor.
  2. If large:-weak hoarse cry, evident stridor.
  3. If imperforate:- cyanosis with no cry and it’s a fatal condition.

– signs:

Symmetrical grayish white membrane may be a semi translucent triangular band or thick membrane.

– treatment:

If laryngeal web causes no symptoms ,so no treatment is needed.

In case of severe cases , do tracheostomy or excision of the web( using microlaryngosurgery or laryngofissure ).

In case of imperforate web ,urgent tracheostomy or rigid bronchoscope should be done to rupture the web.

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