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Direct restoration of anterior teeth

Direct Dental composite restoration for anterior teeth with finishing and polishing

Category | Dental Composite Videos

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Do you Master Diastema Closure ?

Here is a case for diasttema closure By direct composite restoration, performed by Dr. Rizal Rizky

Category | Dental composite

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Odontogenic Kerato-Cyst

– May best be regarded as a Benign Neoplasm rather than a Conventional Cyst based on its Clinical Behavior. – The WHO has reclassified the Lesion as a Tumor based ..Continue Reading

Category | Oral Medicine, Oral Surgery Topics

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It is rare (0.0-1%) to see 2nd premolars with 3 canals…i was so lucky to find them in the same patient…I love endo

Premolar with three canals 🙂

Category | Endodontic Professionals

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X ray told me we had 4 roots…so I knew the road map before starting….

Category | Endodontic Professionals

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