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Dental composite
Dental Composite :)

Category | Conservative Dentistry, Dental composite

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Photos of x-rays with explanation

Category | Dental Radiology

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preparation for secondary impression


Category | fixed prosthodontics

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Still confused about inferior alveolar nerve block?

Still confused about inferior alveolar nerve block? There is all what you need to know about it. Aim: To deposit solution around the inferior alveolar nerve as it enters the ..Continue Reading

Category | Oral Surgery Topics

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جراحه اسنان

السلام عليكم… طريقة عملية مجربة ووضعت لها تفسير منطقي.. اثناء القلع عند التحريك buccaly وبعد الحصول على حركة قليلة.. نستمر بنفس الاتجاه ونؤجل عمل figure 8 لحين ازدياد الحركة بشكل ..Continue Reading

Category | Oral Surgery

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