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Dental implant rejection

Dental implant problems by The Genius Prof

Dental implant takes a great fame in the recent times as they replace missing teeth by another new, but  it has problems such as :

The implant doesn’t take to the bone.

– In this case, it comes out very easily and failure of an implant is the final result, but why?

– AS implant is a foreign thing to your body and  immune system have to protect your body from foreign bodies, so tissues and blood analysis before transplantation is required, and you must know that dental implant is made of titanium ( is inert to your body immune system ) and dental implant success rate increases to 95% to 98% so failure of dental implant ratio decreases .

Nerve damaging.

-Is one of the biggest problems if your dentist not well educated and experienced, but this complication is controlled by studying the exact nerve location to determine appropriate implant size and to prevent errors.

excessive loads on the implant.

will lead to bone loss and formation of a pocket within the gum and failure of the implant.

Please,  clean your mouth frequently.

– if you don’t follow your dentist instruction you will do bad things that decrease the success of implant and if you think that dental implants do not need a clean mouth and frequent use of toothpaste, your thinking is wrong, why?

-As you clean your mouth frequently, this will remove bacteria that produce acids lead to inflammation of the gingiva and formation of gingival pockets.

– A heavy smoking habit has a great effect on the dental implant as it decreases calcium absorption in the body and so decreases calcium formed around implant so, dental implant becomes loose and decreased survivability of dental implant, so do good habits to avoid failure of implant



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