indirect dental composite
Direct Dental Composite Vs Indirect Dental Composite

Direct Dental Composite

Is a Dental composite which is placed by the dentist in the clinical visit so, it is cured in the mouth by using dental curing light.

Uses of direct dental composite

  • Closing Diastema between teeth
  • Tooth minor reshaping
  • Partial crowns
  • Tooth build up
  • Tooth filling

Indirect Dental Composite:

It is a dental composite which is cured in a processing units outside the mouth.

The processing unit has high intensity of light than handled dental curing light. Also, the material can contain higher filler  levels and it cures for longer times so shrinkage and marginal gap can be minimized.

Indirect dental composite gets higher levels and depths of curing so, it acts as an advantage.

Indirect Dental Composite Uses:

  • Bridges with 2 or 3 units.
  • Closing Diastema.
  • Tooth reshaping.

Dental Composite has types of setting mechanisms:

  • Chemically cured dental composite
  • Light cured dental composite
  • Dual cured dental composite

Chemically cured type is a two pastes which are base and catalyst and setting starts when they are mixed together.

Light cured dental composite contains: photo initiator, accelerator and activator which is activated when exposed to dental curing light

Dual Cured Dental composite: has both photo initiators so the material set even this is insufficient amount of light exposure













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