Don’t Let Your Dog Sleep Around – Buy a Designer Dog Bed

Cockapoo, Peekapoo, Labradoodle, Puggle and Hundeseng tilbud Schnoodle are just a few of the names given by dog owners to the puppies of an unscheduled night on the town. Gone are the newspaper ads reading “puppies – free to a good home”. Dog owners are quick to assign one of these fancy breed names as if they are A.K.C. certified and charge top dollar for the puppies that were once considered “mutts”. They are now considered “Designer Dogs” and fetch as much money as the purebreds.

Most of us have or have had a “Designer Dog” (mutt) in the past and they are great dogs, usually healthier, more lovable and more even tempered than their pure bred counterparts. They are actually are worth every penny that we pay.

Since we now pay top dollar for these “lovable mutts”, one could only assume that they are worth spending a little extra money on to get them a designer dog bed. On those cold winter nights, you wouldn’t want your best friend sleeping on the hard floor, or shedding on your new sofa. Buying a top quality dog bed for him may be the only way he will stop sleeping around.

A warm soft dog bed is a win-win for you and your dog. As tempting as it may be to visit the new bitch down the block, he is not going to leave his comfortable bed to head out through the doggie door and tunnel under the back fence.

Don’t let your dog sleep around. Get him his own designer dog bed and he will want to stay home at night. You don’t want to be responsible for tomorrow’s newspaper ads reading “Labracockerbulldoodlepitt designer puppies for sale”.

Linda Beckemeyer is the owner of American Dog Beds. See her designer dog bed collection including bolster dog bed and donut dog bed styles.

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