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    Veneers Vs lumineers

    Veneers vs Lumineers ..👌 Veneers are thin custom-made porcelain shells designed to cover the front surface of teeth to improve the appearance of the teeth. These are bonded to the ..Continue Reading

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    Types and treatment of symblepharon

    What’s the diagnosis and what’s the treatment? Diagnosis is symblepharon and treatment will be discussed in this post Firstly, symblepharon is an adhesion between the palpebral conjunctiva and bulbar conjunctiva ..Continue Reading

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    Burning mouth syndrome

    is a medical term for chronic or recurrent burning in the mouth without obvious cause. This discomfort may effect tongue gums lips or whole oral cavity burning sensation can be ..Continue Reading

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    Types, diagnosis and treatment of ENTROPION

    What’s is the diagnosis and what’s the treatment? This a case of entropion and treatment will be discussed in this post. Firstly, what’s the entropion? Entropion is Rolling of eyelid ..Continue Reading

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    contact area …. love this band

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