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reamingملاحظات حول التحضير بطريقة ال

1- اثناء عمل reaming نلاحظ اذا توقف الفايل عن الدخول اكثر فنتوقف فورا عن لف الفايل او الريمر حيث الفايل يكون قد واجه منطقة ضيقة او block لان الاستمرار بعمل ..Continue Reading

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light cure compsite with veneer

for this cause we use light cure composite for veneer and avoid chemical and dual cure composite, as their color change by time.

Category | Conservative Dentistry

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Viral conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis:- Is inflammation of conjunctiva characterized by conjunctival hyperemia and edema that caused by a virus. Causative organisms:- Adenovirus type 8 or 19. Herpes simplex and entero_virus. Viral fever. Clinical ..Continue Reading

Category | Ophthalmology

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Common abbreviations ( drugs _ dentistry _ pharmacology )

D            :  Day h / hrs.  :  Hour / hours b.           : Twice t            : three ..Continue Reading

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Definition: otosclerosis is a localized hereditary disorder affecting endochondrial bone of the otic capsule characterized by disordered bone resorption and deposition ,leading to replacement of normal compact lamellar bone by ..Continue Reading

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