protocol for bypassing

My protocol for bypassing :

First of all
The key to a successful broken file bypass is

The broken file is not the problem, the problem is the part of the root canal beyond the broken file which is still uncleaned or shaped or the irrigant reached ….

Cross section of the canals mostly is not round
So most of cases we will have a space between the broken file and the canal wall

This is the area where we will do our bypass

You will take a good pre operative x ray
To know the problem where exactly and the direction of the canal
The position of the broken part
Coronally , middle , apically


You must have a straight line access to the broken part
U may need a Coronal preflaring for that

You will need many and many and many small k files like 10 and 8 and 15

It is all a manual game of files
With watch winding motion 


So important to irrigate the canal copiously and to use lubricant ….

Hope to help 


Greetings from Egypt 🇪🇬


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