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Bypass like a boss 

Retrieve like a boss Or Bypass like a boss Anatomy and case selection are the true keys to choose the correct conservative option. This case referred to my clinic to ..Continue Reading

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Is Broken File a big problem ?

It is not a problem if a file breaks when you do an endodontic treatment.. The problem exists if u don’t know how to deal with that This case of ..Continue Reading

Category | Endodonctic Bypass cases

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protocol for bypassing

My protocol for bypassing : First of all The key to a successful broken file bypass is Patience Then Patience Then Patience The broken file is not the problem, the ..Continue Reading

Category | Endodonctic Bypass cases, Endodontics

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Referred Severely curved long canals 

Lower right first molar Lateral canal  The first photo with distal shift shows everything 😉😉😉 Coronal seal soon Thanks Dr Ahmed Hany 😍😍😍 Greetings from Egypt 🇪🇬  

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