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Thyro-Glossal Duct Cyst

– Most Common Congenital Cyst

– Most Common Midline Mass of the Hand Neck Region

– Development from Epithelial Remnants of the Thyroglossal Duct which at one point during development of the Thyroid Gland extends from Foramen Cecum on the Midline Dorsal Surface of the Tongue to the Isthmus of the Thyroid Gland

– C/P :-
1- Slowly Growing Painless Mass Unless Secondarily Infected

2- Site :- Midline of the Neck

3- Age :- Mostly Detected in the Second Decade of Life

4- Most occurs at Or below the level of the Hyoid Bone

 Please , Review The Clinical and Radiographic Images and The Diagram below to have a quick clear idea of this type of Cyst 😊😊

Thanks for Reading 😊😄

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