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Mitt Romney Reads Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live Video

I have six weeks here you can just weeks these were. Made by Barry hardee’s and currently sit up for SALOMON SLAB this your friends. Donald Trump so if you don’t mind like Al and each one of them not just read them allowed it’ll be painless if you just go through them and there you go all right. It rocked me rehab real Donald Trump. Mitt Romney. Had his chance and blew it. Lindsey Graham ran for Asics Onitsuka Tiger president got zero capitalized and quit so why are they now spokesman against me sad. Got zero got zero the only people I know who got zero or the ones who paid putting five grand to be that trump university there’s a legacy. Yeah. From supporter. OK Donald Trump is trying to pull America back from the brink and freak and Mitt Romney. Is playing with matches in the bathroom. Is there any truth to that I’m not touch of that although there. Okay. Bet Mitt Romney equals loser. That’s true actually I lost. You may not have noticed let’s see who argue anyway and by the way where do you buy the shoe polish you where in your hair. That trumpet 2016. But at Costco and Salomon Speed Cross bulk that there. I see I actually met Mitt Romney of the bank a couple of months back. I’m now working at a time machine to go back and punched him in the throes. Hash tag trump. Pick her it didn’t happen. Want more one more. Well that’s a handle at cheddar biscuits. I’d pay good money to watch Mitt Romney crying in a ball pit Eddie Chucky cheese. Humble life. I’ll just answer my question one epic summit tells me that that cheddar biscuit may have had personal experience doing something like that of our final question you may a lot of money been very successful how much would you pay Donald Trump to get out of the race. There’s better right price for that don’t try this needs to get out of the race wanna makes it he said in their that he said. Let’s make people happy and ASICS GT2002 let’s have a a candidate we can be proud.

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